Who is the ssc?

The SSC was founded in 1912 by Stanley Nairne, and has been run for the majority by volunteers ever since.
Although the club has changed in many ways over its 110 year history some ways, the ethos behind what we do has always remained the same. We recently changed the formal aim of the club to better reflect the work we do now with a wide range of young people. The aim now of the club is - 'To create an inclusive environment where young people are encouraged to flourish and think for themselves in an atmosphere of fun, friendship and respect.'

Our aim is to keep this at the forefront of how we run the club and are always thinking of how best to facilitate the young people we host.

All of our volunteers and staff hold current PVG certificates and we uphold a high level of child protection policies when hosting young people. We run training events throughout the year so we are well prepared for the events we run. First aid, mental health training, food and fire safety are just a few of our outlined training.

The SSC has fostered many lifelong friendships spanning generations and we hope to continue to be a kind and inclusive space where young people can be part of something magical. For many young people it is a unique opportunity to camp, explore the outdoors and meet a wide range of people while learning about themselves along the way.

“Teneo et


Our motto is “Teneo et Teneor” which means “I hold and am held” – a sentiment which means a lot to us and something we strive to embody in how we treat each other, with care and respect.